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Independent Research Report 2013

The objective of this website is to study and report the safety and effectiveness of popular stop snoring products. We spent the last 11 months carefully investigating and testing 25+ stop snoring techniques which include over the counter pills, nasal strips, nose sprays, special pillows, anti snoring chin straps, mouthpieces and other devices that claim to get rid of snoring problems. We sought to find finest options that provided results without side effects. To our surprise many advertised products and treatments were not able to get rid of snoring in our research. These treatments/products were simply ineffective. But fortunately few worked and our in depth research found them to be practical solutions to stop snoring.

Our Product Evaluation and Ranking Methodology

When looking at different stop snoring programs, there are certain factors we considered while researching and ranking various products. The criteria used to study and rank each option includes:

  • Evaluate Effectiveness:  Does the product work in test studies? Does it live up to its claims?
  • Speed of results: How fast are the results experienced?
  • Convenience:  How manageable is the solution?
  • Verify Safety: Are there any side effects?
  • Cost:  Is the cost of the product worth the benefits?

Results: We identified 3 products over that 11 month evaluation period that met all of our criteria and outperformed other stop snoring aids. The following are the top 3 solutions that were fast acting and had side effects free, long lasting superior results.



#1 Snore ZipSnorezip

Success Rate: Excellent

Side Effects: None

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Official Website:

Guarantees: 90 Day Full Refund Guarantee

Snore Zip is an all-natural, homeopathic oral spray that is well known to help stop snoring. Unlike most other stop snoring treatments available today, snore zip has potent ingredients that addresses the root cause as to why people snore in the first place.  Snore Zip homopathic solution works by increasing oxygen flow to lungs and clearing any mucus in the throat and respiratory passage. Regular usage of SnoreZip is well documented to achieve deep sleep

This powerful blend of essential ingredients has shown to work for cases with mild to most severe snoring problem. We found Snore Zip to be totally user-friendly solution that is based on highest quality all natural homeopathic constituents and protocols. Although, being homeopathic it’s a bit slow in action but continuous usage shows to permanently get rid of this annoying problem.

In comparison to other snoring treatments we found Snore Zip to be highly successful and less disruptive than invasive procedures like surgery or oral devices. This is an easy to follow oral spray program for a quiet night’s sleep. Our research found that for a significant majority of users Snore Zip was the only remedy they ever used to cure snoring problem which has potentially dangerous medical and respiratory concerns.

Documented Benefits:

  • Treats mild to severe snoring problem
  • Supports deep restful sleep
  • Non prescription formula
  • No side effects

Suggested dosage:

Although you may achieve results in as few as 5 weeks, the best and most lasting results can be achieved with the recommended six month program.

Bottom Line:

SnoreZip outperforms all anti snoring treatments available currently. Although it takes time to show results, SnoreZip is without a doubt the safest and most efficient way to quit snoring forever.

Click Here to Visit Snore Zip Website


#2 Snoring Mouthpiece

Success Rate: Good

Side Effects: None

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Guarantees: 90 Day Full Refund Guarantee

Official Website:

The “My Snoring Solution Strap” is a revolutionary medically designed anti snoring chin strap that holds the jaw in the correct position during sleep. With the jaw in correct position airways are kept open, which prevents the soft tissue vibrations that cause snoring. In a recent study, it was found to also help obstructive sleep apnea, depression, daytime fatigue and reduced blood pressure.

“My Snoring Solution Strap jaw supporter” has also been clinically tested and proven that by keeping the lower jaw in an upward position it increases the three dimensional space in the airway, reduces air velocity and cures snoring. In comparison to other snoring treatments we found this technique to eliminate snoring instantly as results come with first application itself.

Among other benefits “My Snoring Solution Strap” is less expensive. Further its very convenient as users don’t have to remember and maintain proper schedule if they opt for any oral stop snoring medication

Overall, this is a quality product that works on chronic snoring that may range from mild to severe episodes without any side effects.

Bottom Line:

We found that it did eliminate snoring completely in our research study. The “My Snoring Solution” jaw supporter works by keeping your jaw in proper position which eliminates snoring and prevents disturbing health concerns in the long run. You just have to put on the strap when you go to bed.

Click Here to My Snoring Solution Strap Website


#3 Snore BusterSnore Buster

Success Rate: Good

Side Effects: None

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Guarantees: 60 Day Full Refund Guarantee

Official Website:

Snore Buster is a program that has been put together by Bryan Toder, a certified clinical hypnotist. Bryan Toder is renowned for this breakthrough quit snoring program that treats snoring problem without using any medications or physical devices.

He offers a downloadable 30-minute audio hypnosis program that describes an alternative method to stop snoring. Although lots of snorers were delighted to be relieved with such unusual and successful line of treatment, we found it to be effective only for people who have just started snoring. Our test documented that it is ineffective for people with long term snoring problem or for those with severe snoring issues.

Snore Buster comes at third place in our research. It is a safe and result oriented alternative treatment for snoring. Reported satisfaction and effectiveness levels with SnoreBuster are satisfactory when compared to other available options.

Bottom Line:

SnoreBuster – a 30-minute hypnosis program that will get one to quit snoring forever only if this quit snoring aid is taken up at the very beginning of the problem.


Click Here to Visit SnoreBuster Website


Only three recommendations?
We are constantly researching new stop snoring treatments that help, and we hope we can add to our list of recommendations in the future. However, we do believe we are recommending two significantly effective products that not only get to the source of the problem but can actually cure snoring. Also these products are backed by 100% money back guarantee. We have tested these guarantees as well and the manufacturers honor the requests on priority so you can try them risk free.

We would also like to state that we have been approached my many herbal and prescription pharmaceutical companies to recommend their anti snoring products. Unfortunately, we have had to turn down most of them. Their products and services didn’t live up to their claims in our test studies. This free website is aimed at providing practical information and effective solutions for getting rid of this common problem and not to blatantly promote medications or snoring devices that don’t work in proper medical settings.

Is surgery an option?

You might be considering surgery to stop your snoring, but we would like to caution you that surgery is not only expensive but many individuals may find surgery to be counter-productive as it exposes to other health risks.

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